Dolphins Look Good Despite Loss to Baltimore

Written by Gino Vitale

BurkeGaseRizziFin fans...  I see promise in our team even with our loss to the Ravens this past Thursday night in preseason.   

Our number one offense showed definite big hitting play abilities.  But, with all the penalties it was taken away.  As I watch the local broadcast, Dick Stockton said it best; it was the "most impressive spectacular drive that went nowhere".   Part of it was probably due to not having our total starting line.   

I love Cutler’s veteran movement in the pocket, and how he rips it to DeVante and Jay “Train” Ajayi.  WHO-AH!!   Can't wait to see Pouncey directing for Cutler.   

I have full confidence in Matt “The Beard of Knowledge” Burke.   He is on it.  His defense was excitingly flying to the ball.   Things on defense are gonna happen!  Did you see Burke, Gase and Rizzi standing side by side communicating and sharing on the sidelines?  Our coaching staff is in total control.  I've never seen that level of comradery and collaboration.  And, it’s only preseason!  Like I said in an article earlier this week - Don't panic..  we got this!

Oh, and as for the special team’s mishaps…  I know if Coach Rizzi did not have so many mix and match of lower talent on the field, those special team blunders would not have happened.  Rizzi is too intense for that kind of play.  Side note: John Denney will make the 2017 team, and go to The Hall of Fame!  Are there any long snappers in the hall? I have to Google it!  

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