Dolphins are Ready to Start the Season

Written by Gino Vitale

Photo Courtesy of the Miami DolphinsFinatics… I do not about you but I am ready for preseason to be over, and fast forward to opening day on September 10!  This team is ready to go! 

What we saw in this third preseason game was the real potential of our team. 


It was evident that once the offense settled, we could see what they are capable of doing.    The offensive line looked strong.   We saw one key missed block from Laremy Tunsil early in the first that led to a sack.  However, he will learn from that.  There is doubt that he got an earful on that from the coaching staff on the sideline.  The offensive line gave Jay Train Ajayi an average of 5.9 yards per carry.  I can live with that.

Cutler was on it.  His veteran experience was on display.  We know how fast that the ball must come out.  He looked so comfortable in the pocket.  He knows what he has with his receivers group.  There is no hesitation.  He just let it rip.  That beauty that Cutler threw to DeVante Parker, the bomb to Kenny Stills… All magical.  And on the pass to Julius Thomas.  Thomas didn't even turn to look for the ball until the last second.  It was impressively right on him.  We saw on field what the coaches have been seeing in Matt Moore all along.  Interceptions, throwing into double coverage, bad decisions.  Thank you football gods for Jay Cutler.  

Now let's talk about Gases’ ability to know how to use his players to their strengths.  Enter Jakeem MIGHTY MOUSE Grant!  Bringing him to the outside on offense was brilliant! I'll tell you right now, Finatics.. We are going to see big time plays from him this season.  With Jakeem Grant’s TD, and almost another one on the next drive, Grant got a new sense of confidence.  In the press conference after the game, Grant said, “I am a receiver, not a returner”!  Pretty sure that he is going to make the team.

First team defense continues to show me that this a way better unit. And, Byron Maxwell will learn from the missed coverage.  Additionally, filling the backups behind the first team is still work in progress.  

There are going to be a whirlwind of players after the cut down next week.  I have full confidence in our collective staff to find the best of the best to fill the back end of our roster.  GO FINS!

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