Thoughts on the Dolphins First 2017 Win

Written by Finatic Bob

I would hate to be a Chargers fan this morning.


I would also hate to be their rookie kicker Younghoe Koo today, who missed the game winning field goal in addition to a kick missed just before the half.

We dodged a big bullet.

But Miami is in First Place in the AFC East after Week Two.

Kudos to our new kicker, Cody Parkey, who matched his career best with the game winning 54-yard field goal in the final minutes. Cody has actually been in the league for 4 years, and since many were busy with the storm down here, they did not realize that he bumped out Franks for the spot. Oh yeah, we have a new punter too. By the way Mr. Franks, your phone may be ringing today with a call from the Chargers.

A little drama in Fintown this week. Former Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons apparently walked out on the team Saturday and was marked inactive for the game on Sunday. All of the news feeds report that the team is tight lipped about the circumstances. All we were told is that is was not medical related or criminal related.

So as I watched Phillip Rivers have his way with us on Sunday, I wondered if this Timmons thing was at all related. Our defense has tremendous talent, just throw a rock and you will hit an All Pro player. So as the game concluded yesterday, my first thought was that these guys need to be coached better. What they were doing was not working. They seemed to struggle on the Chargers' crossing routes. They could not get adequate pressure on Rivers, Their blitzing schemes always seemed to fall short, only one sack. Too much cushion on the receivers. On the positive side, the run game of the Chargers for the most part was shut down. Suh was a big presence in the center of the line, but 2nd year linebacker Mike Hull led the team with 7 tackles and 3 assists.

On the offensive side, I was happy with Jay Cutler's debut as a Dolphin. He was smart and efficient and ran the offense well. Jay Ajayi was a beast, and the line looked good for most of the day, particularly when they were running up the middle. Ajayi had 122 yards with 28 attempts.

I thought Jarvis Landry had a good opening day, but needs to run more vertical instead of to the sidelines. 13 catches for 78 yards, that's 6 yards per catch.
DeVante Parker was marvelous on Sunday when it counted. His leaping catches were a thing of beauty, and he ended up with 4 catches for 81 yards.

And so the Dolphins are off to New York as the Jets are coming up this week. Remember, if you are in the New York area, check out the MetLife Takeover event, as Dolphin fans plan to saturate the stadium. Visit the home page of for more information.

As we hear more about the Timmons situation, check out our Facebook page for updates. Go Dolphins!