Our All - Time Favorite Dolphins vs Jets Game

Written by Finatic Bob

AJDuheIn a crowded room of Finatics, the first Dolphins vs. Jets game that always comes to mind is the Fake Spike game, but I have another game that sparked my undying love for the Miami Dolphins…

It was 1983. I was 3 years out of the Navy and two years before saying goodbye to the single life. January 23, 1983, and it was the AFC Championship Game against the New York Jets in the Orange Bowl.

This would be the third time that season we had faced and defeated the Jets, I think a record to this day.  That year they kept coming back like bad sushi.  A.J. Duhe was the star of the game, with 3 interceptions, including a 35 yard return for a pick 6 that sealed the victory.

It was raining HARD that day, and I remember the cover of the Miami Herald with a picture of Duhe and his mud soaked uniform and ball held high in the air. At quarterbacks we saw Woodley for Miami and Todd for the Jets.

Next season we would see the debut of rookie Dan Marino and Mark Duper. I bought my first year of season tickets the following season. This game was fresh in my mind as it ushered in a period of dominance over the Jets, that will hopefully continue with a victory this Sunday.