Dolphins Limp Into London with Uncertainties

Written by Finatic Bob

If you are a Dolphins fan, the game last Sunday against the rival New York Jets was so painful to watch that it is even harder to comment about it. This is one game that you simply want to forget, but there are still many questions that need to be answered as we head into Week 4 with a contest against the New Orleans Saints in London.

1. What is wrong with the lines on both sides?
This game all came down to the offensive line. No room for Ajayi to run, no time for Cutler to make a play. As soon as we got behind, we abandoned the run game and the Jets were pressuring Cutler with a 3 man rush and 8 men on coverage. It was impossible to come back.

The defensive line for the most part performed well against the run, but Josh McCown looked like Tom Brady as he went 18 for 23 and 249 yards passing, including a back breaker 69-yard TD pass to Robby Anderson. That play was the turning point of the game. You may recall that the Jets just busted a long run that was called back by a holding penalty, and frankly it looked like the Dolphins secondary were just duped on that next play. The secondary needs to get better fast, it doesn't get any better next week with veteran Drew Brees and his arsenal.

2. Is this lethargic performance a fluke, or an ongoing issue with talent or coaching?
In Week Two's match up against the Chargers, Coach Gase admitted that the play calling on his part was a little conservative in the first half, and later adjusted. Frankly, this week nothing was working for the offense as it looked like Jets coach Todd Bowles had stolen our playbook. On the other hand, the Jets looked ready for this game, and we did not.

3. What will it take to elevate this team into a legitimate contender?
So far. it sure looks like a replay of last season. Coach Gase made some dramatic changes last year in the roster before the home game against Pittsburgh and managed to get us to the playoffs. Can he work his magic one more time for this season, or is the talent already in place and all that is needed is a team leader that can rise up and motivate these guys? Jay Cutler, don't watch the tapes of your performance this week. Instead, watch the film on Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers and the victory comebacks that they executed this weekend. Aspire to that level of greatness. Coach Gase, we need you to stop stating the obvious at the post game press conferences. We all know we were beat, we all saw the same game you did. Go back and watch how Don Shula reacted to a loss like this one. You need to really get angry coach, and spread that fire this week.

I also have to say that this team has had a rough road regarding the schedule. First. a hurricane cancels the opener and any chance of a needed bye week this year, then it was on the road to Los Angeles, on the road to New York, and on the road to London (Hey NFL, I do not buy that this is a "home" game, absolutely ridiculous scheduling), so it hasn't been easy. But the team needs to band together in a solidarity beyond what you did during the National Anthem and play football. It's that simple.

Safe travels to all Finatics heading to London this week. After our performance against the Chargers and the Jets, no one is expecting us to win this Sunday, but it's time to prove the "experts" wrong. It's time for positive anger and leadership and making plays. Go Dolphins! .