Is the 2017 Miami Dolphins Season Over? Seriously?

Written by Finatic Dave

ThisSeasonIsNotOverBy now, I think that we are getting over the loss to New Orleans in London.  The week before, it was getting over the loss to the Jets in New York.  Now that we are back on a rational level for the time being, let us talk about this season…

The Dolphins opened their season on the west coast vs. the LA Chargers.  Jay Cutler played great.  On target every throw.  Our defense let one too many by to make the game too close.  We win because the Chargers missed a field goal.  It was a win, but was not stellar.

We looked miserable vs. the NY Jets.  We could not get anything done on offense.  We score 1 “garbage time” touchdown from Cutler to Parker. 

Now… the London game.  This game sucked.  I feel bad for all of the Finatics that made the trip over the pond to see this (like us!).  It was depressing.  However…  I do see a sliver of a positive aspect from this game. 

The first drive of the London game for the Dolphins is what I have to hope for Miami for the rest of the 2017 season.  Cutler looked GREAT.  He was on target for virtually every throw.  He threw the ball like he is throwing a rocket propelled football.  Jay Ajayi ran for at least 30 yards on the first drive.  We had Julius Thomas wide open.  Were there penalties?  Yes.  Did the drive end up in an INT?  Yes.  But, this drive was great.   The Dolphins were in complete control consuming nearly half of the 1st quarter.   This drive was like my one great drive on the golf course, and the one that is going to keep me coming back.

Finatics - Did we already forget about the 2016 season?  Let me remind you about it.  The Dolphins had ONE WIN in the first five games.   Then what happened?  I do not need to remind you that we went to the playoffs. 

So to answer the question. NO!  The 2017 season is not over!  Despite all of the negativity on our Facebook page, and other social media outlets, this season is not over.  We have tons of talent on this team.  I have 110% confidence in our coaching staff that they will turn this around.  Guaranteed. 

The Tennessee Titans are favored by -3.5 this weekend in our house.  I recommend that you bet your Miami Dolphins on the money line.  We are winning this game.