Fins Grit It Out Against Atlanta

Written by Gino Vitale

MB StadiumFinatic Dave and I flew up to Atlanta this past Sunday to support our Fins.  We had optimism that Sunday’s game against Atlanta was the day that the Miami Dolphins would put in a full effort against a good Atlanta defense.  Not to mention, the Fins were also up against an Atlanta offense that is a scoring machine!

The Mercedes Benz Stadium is a work of magical architecture and is a totally mind-blowing experience.   I thought this at halftime when the Dolphins were down 0-17.  I am thinking, at least we made the trip to see this phenomenal stadium.  If the Dolphins lose, at least I can say that I was here. 

However, at the half, with the Dolphins down by 17, it seemed that the team was moving the ball better than our prior games.  That, thanks in part to our J-Train, and an offensive line opening big holes. Nevertheless, still 0 points at the half.

I still had this feeling in my gut that this was not going to be a shutout. Remember there is two half’s to a football game.  In addition, after the second half started I could feel a different energy from our team.

DEFENSE PRESSURE!  SUH - WAKE!  All of the Dolphins defensive line players took it to another level and totally shut down The Falcons potent offense.   With all of the momentum, our offense drove and finally tied the game and then took the lead late in the fourth quarter.   

I credit the Dolphins victory on the defense.  Specifically, Suh and Wake.  When they play well, it is like a spark that lights the Miami Dolphins defense on fire.  Eventually, that fire spreads to the Dolphins offense.  And, gotta say for all of the haters, it has got to be spreading to Jay Cutler. 

The star of the defense, and my MVP, Reshad Jones.  He was the nail in the Atlanta coffin that sealed the deal for the win.   That was the final grit! GO FINS! GREAT WIN!

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