The Force Awakens

Written by Finatic Dave

Thank you @Fintroopers!!!!! You too, @Fintrooper99!All of us here at have been saying for the past 3 weeks that we trust Adam Gase and our coaching staff.  We trust that they are looking at everyone in practice every day and seeing who is lacking, and who is performing.  I have to assume that what they saw in practice is Jay Cutler performing like a HOF quarterback.  Cutler getting all of the practice reps.  Cutler - a Jedi Master in practice. 

Standing on the practice field sidelines is Matt Moore.  Most likely not getting any practice reps on the practice field and relegated to memorizing the playbook, looking at game tape, and maybe playing virtual QB on his PS4.  Matt Moore in the Miami Dolphins practice facility was like a poor, young moisture farmer on Tatooine.   Hoping that one day, he will get is chance to fight with the rebels (Dolphins) against the empire (Jets, Patriots, Bills).  

The beginning of the 3rd quarter, Dolphins first drive..  Jay Cutler goes down.  Matt Moore steps in.  His first series on the field was not stellar, second series ended with an INT.  But… did Luke Skywalker shoot down the Death Star on his first try?  NO! 

Matt Moore’s next several drives were outstanding. 2 TD’s to Kenny Stills, and getting the Dolphins into field position to score 17 unanswered points in the 4th quarter.

To all of the Cutler haters out there, I have to say – YOU WERE RIGHT.  The Matt Moore force has awakened.  Our hope is that Matt Moore continues his Jedi – like performance this week vs. Baltimore and beyond.  The QB position is now Matt Moore’s too lose.  He continues to perform and there is no reason to rush Cutler back on the field.  Matt Moore, Jedi Master could potentially have the starting job for the rest of the season. 

Thank you to the @FINTROOPERS specifically @FINTROOPER99 for the inspiration for this blog!