Dolphins Looked Good Despite Loss to Buccaneers

Written by Finatic Dave

The Dolphins opened pre season in Miami this past Thursday night.   The second, third and forth teams grinded it out to the end, but could not close the deal, and ended losing; Buccaneers 26, Dolphins 24.  But..  There were some shining lights despite the lose.  

One of the shining light - Tannehill looked great on the first drive.  It was his first time starting for the Dolphins since December 2016.  But, it looked like he hadn't missed a beat.  The first team offense for the Dolphins is what I have to hope for Miami for the rest of the 2018 season.  Tannehill looked GREAT.  He was on target for virtually every throw going 4 for 6.   He threw the ball like he is throwing a rocket propelled football. 

The other shining light in the game on offense was Kallen Ballage.  Ballage played second team offense, but really 3rd since Frank Gore did not start.  Ballage had a great night going 37 yards on 10 attempts with a long run of 14 yards.  He also had a decent night receiving going 3 for 23 yards.  Only low point with Ballage is the one hurdling fumble.  But...  what a great attempt. 

On defense, the night in my opinion went to our number one draft choice - Minkah Fitzpatrick.  Minkah had shown some great coverage and proved his worthiness of a number one draft choice. 

Next up for the Dolphins - this Friday night vs. Carolina.  Dolphins last played in Carolina last season.