Death by 1000 WHAT?

Written by Finatic Bob


Was that paper clips? I had to rewind the post-game conference to make sure I heard Coach Gase correctly. Yep, to paraphrase him he said that Oakland's offense staying on the field and keeping our depleted defense on the field was like "Death by 1000 Paper Clips".

"Death by 1000 Cuts" was what I thought the Chinese once said. Maybe the coach heard that phrase many years ago and then combined it with paper cuts. Actually, "Death by 1000 Paper Cuts" would be really bad. But paper clips? I can't see that, I can't imagine what that would look like. Now any office geek would know that "Death by 1000 Binder Clips" would be much worse. Or even better, "Death by 1000 Staples". But paper clips? Not seeing it.

But who cares, right? What I saw on Sunday after the Miami Dolphins beat the Oakland Raiders 28-20 at Hard Rock Stadium was a coach who is obsessed with FOOTBALL, 24/7, 365 days a year. His comment on the gadget play when Albert Wilson threw to Jakeem Grant and made little Chucky stare at some more Bridgestone tires was "we saw him run something like that back in 2013".

Here is a man that eats, drinks, and sleeps football. It seems that the players around him now are starting to get it. In this very young season, coach is correct by saying "records don't mean s*** right now". We are only getting started.

But the players look like they are having fun and enjoying the game. The now famous "high five" play is an example of that. Being a "team", and not just a group of contract players, is big.

So you go coach, Death by Paper Clips, Potato Chips, Donkey Lips, all good by me. One thing coach knows is FOOTBALL, and for that I am a believer in this team. We have a big game up in Foxboro against a New England Patriots team that was embarrassed in a nationally televised game against the Lions on Sunday night. You can bet that coach was already watching that game on rewind into Monday morning. The way to beat the Patriots is to keep Tom Brady on the bench. Get control of ball possession and the clock. Get out front and stay there. Keep the penalties low. Play like Division leaders and keep the Patriots down. We can win this one!

Go Dolphins!