3-0 is Great But Improvement is Still Needed

Written by Finatic Dave

The Dolphins are off to a great start at 3-0.  But as we all know somethings still does not feel right. Here’s what we think needs to be fixed by the team if we’re going to be a true contender.

The team needs to get better at converting on third down. We converted 2 of 8 on third down vs. Raiders. Even though we have seen some amazing offensive plays, obviously there is not a lot of confidence in the offense.  Most of the amazing plays vs The Raiders came on trick plays.  Coach Gase needed to pick things up with the trick plays because the traditional offense wasn’t getting it done.

I am sure you were all thinking that the Raiders had our number in the first half.  We seemed completely unproductive.  There was lots of booing going on in the stadium in the first half.  Yea, you know who you are!! The second half was so much fun to watch but it was dominated by the trick play. The Patriots are on to that, and I can assure you that there is not going to be another “wildcat” day at Foxboro this weekend. 

Our rushing game vs The Raiders was completely unproductive compared to our first 2 games. Our uptempo offense was just not working. 

On the bright side of the offense, Tannehill has been completely efficient. He’s ranked in the top 5 in all of the major QB stats in the NFL.  He had a 155 QB rating vs the Raiders.  Outstanding!  Tannehill’s numbers look good with all the deep throws he has this season, but now he needs to get better on the short ones; the ones that get us the first downs.  He also needs to get better at avoiding the sack. The offensive line could only protect him so long. One thing that he should have learned from Cutler - just dump the ball if you see a sack coming!!  

On the defensive side... no complaints. Except that they rank #1 in on field time averaging around 38 minutes in the first 3 games.  Not their fault but still points to issues with our offensive efficiency. 

It is a shame that we lost William Hayes for the season, but fortunately we have some decent deep talent to step in. 

So.. even though the Patriots are 1-2, we are still in for a big test against them at Foxboro this weekend.  We have not won at Foxboro since the wildcat game in 2008!!!  Let’s see what Coach Gase and our offense has in store.