You Would Think The Dolphins Were 0-4 This Week

Written by Finatic Dave

miamicrowdHere is a news flash people... The Dolphins are 3-1 and leading the AFC East!  Now... I hope everyone has gotten back to a rational level since the loss to the Patriots.

But, before getting too rational, I have to say that I hate all this talk about "WE SUCK", "FIRE THIS COACH", "CUT THAT PLAYER", "WE ARE DOOOOMED!!".  Or, from life long Miami Dolphins fan who texted me after the NE game, "THAT'S IT! I'M DONE! SELL MY SEASON TICKETS!"   All this talk is like we haven't won 1 game this year!!!  We are 3 - 1 people.  Yea, we didn't beat the Patriots but we all had a place in the back of our minds that was not going to happen anyway.  It would have been great.. We would have made a statement.  But it just didn't happen.   Let’s move on. 

I talked last week about the offense not getting it done on 3rd downs.  Same story vs. NE.  We had only 5 – 3rd down conversion.   Not getting the running game started has a lot to do with this.  We need to get the ball to Kenyan Drake!  He had a total of 9 carries vs. NE.  Let’s see what he can make happen.  Not being able to run the ball puts us in these huge 3rd and long scenarios that are impossible to recover from.  We get ourselves into situations where Tannehill has to throw the ball into hairy situations and bad things happen.  Getting the running game going will help! 

Also, how about getting the ball to our playmakers?  Jakeem Grant and Albert Wilson touched a football vs. NE a total of 3 TIMES!!!!!  

Now, we have several key injuries, notably Kilgore and Sitton out for the season on offense.  What was an awesome O line at the start of the season is now full of injuries. 

On defense we are facing injuries with  Jones, McCain, and Branch.  Plus, we are dealing with the cut of Jordan Phillips.    Good news is that Jones and Branch look to be returning this week vs. Cincinnati.  The return of Branch can help Wake, and bring him in on a limited basis.  And, we see great potential in Akeem Spence and Vincent Taylor stepping in behind Phillips. 

But the point here is that our coaching staff has  delt with injuries and adversity in the past, and have made great adjustments.  Not stellar adjustments vs. NE, but I am confindent that we will figure it out vs. Cincinnati.  

Finatics - Did we already forget about the 2016 season?  Let me remind you about it.  The Dolphins had ONE WIN in the first five games.   Then what happened?  I do not need to remind you that we went to the playoffs.   

Let’s make a statement this Sunday in Cincinnati.  Cincinnati had a big win this past week in Atlanta.  We win, we stay atop of the AFC East and have proven that this team is great at making a comeback.