The Miracle in Miami Saved the Dolphins Season

Written by Finatic Dave

The adrenaline is still pumping from Sunday’s win over the Patriots..  A game that could have gone either way.  However, in the end, the Fins were victorious, keeping their playoff hopes alive.

The Patriots come into Hard Rock Stadium looking to clinch the AFC east.  Dolphins looking to stay alive in the AFC playoff picture, trying to control their own destiny.  What we got was an absolute shootout of a game. 

The Dolphins saved their 2018 season vs. The Patriots on Sunday.  The Dolphins are now in playoff contention.  The Dolphins, with all of their injuries are probably the most banged up team in the NFL.  But, the fact that they are now at 7 and 6, there is no longer a thought that there will be a coaching change at the end of the season. 

Back to drilling the Patriots - The Dolphins have won 5 of the last 6 meetings against the Patriots at Hard Rock Stadium.  Hard Rock has been a House of Horrors for the Pats!  The Patriots road record in December under Tom Brady?  26 and 7.   5 of those 7 came against the Dolphins at Hard Rock.  Further, Pats are 3 and 6 in road games with 80+ degree or warmer weather! How about that home field advantage!

Dolphins are currently the 8th seed in the AFC playoff picture, trailing Indianapolis.  Indy faces Dallas at home this Sunday.   Unfortunately, if there were a tie with the Colts, Dolphins would lose the head to head due to their loss in week 12.  On the bright side, Miami faces the Vikings in Minnesota this Sunday.  Minnesota is also trying to keep their playoff hopes alive after losing the last 3 games, and firing their offense coordinator on Monday. 

Go Fins!