Finatics Thoughts on the 2019 Season Thus Far

Written by Finatic Dave

ballageYou have heard all of the spin this week from friends, family and the media on the state of the Dolphins.  Here is our take on how we think it is going.

First, we do not think that the team is intentionally tanking.  This is Brian Flores first year.  He has something to prove.  Chris Grier is facing his first year as the team’s GM.  He too has something to prove.  These people want to win.  However, they want to win with players that trust the process and are patient to have it come to them.  And, I believe that it will come to them before the 2019 season is over.

Releasing what we feel are our best players hurts, but it is a good thing.  Let us face it: these guys have been the reason for the mediocrity that we have been facing for years.  Something needed to change.  As much as we all loved John Denney, it was probably time to bring in a cheaper, younger guy that can get down the field and make a tackle. 

 Then comes the panic after week 1 and players like Minkah Fitzpatrick saying “I want out”.  Dude, that was plain stupid.  This is your second year on the team.  Can’t you see that you are getting in on a startup with an IPO that is about to go gangbusters?   Bye Felicia.

Daniel Kilgore said it best – “If you don’t want to be here, we don’t want you here”.    Seeing our best players leave the team hurts!  I don’t have any current players jerseys in my closet.  But, I told myself a long time ago – nothing is forever in the NFL.  I’d rather have a team that can compete against New England in the playoffs, instead of an 8-8 team that can beat New England once a year at home. 

Gotta say that the trade that hurt the most was Laremy Tunsil.   Yea, we got a first round pick for him.  But damn.  He was supposed to be the core of our offensive line for the future.  

Despite the loss to Dallas, and putting aside the second half, the team is starting to shape up.  Most of all, Rosen looked good.  Rosen was able to manage the game.  He had some great throws, and was able to move the ball down the field.   We just need to figure out how to catch balls, and score.  If Drake did not fumble at the goal line right before the half, I believe that we would have seen a different outcome in Dallas. 

I feel that we will see a competitive game this week when we face the Chargers at home.  The offensive line seems stable at the moment; Jesse Davis is questionable to play, but the addition this week of Andrew Donnal will help. 

We haven’t written this season off yet.  You should not either.