2019 Season: Expected T-Bone, Got Meatloaf

Written by Finatic Bob

2019 Season Expected T Bone Got Meatloaf

Waking up on the third Sunday of the 2019 NFL season, my wife says to me “Are you going to watch some football today?”

I answered, “Well, first I have to watch the Dolphins, and then maybe later I can watch some football”.

Yes, it has come down to that. However, I am not here to castigate the team or the franchise. My fellow Finatics have been very testy with me already. “Trust the Process” and “My team do or die”.

I get it. I was there back in Season One with George Wilson and his son at quarterback and rooting for Wahoo McDaniel because I liked his name. We loved going to the Denver games because we knew that was the only team we had a chance to beat. It was fun because we had low expectations and we were just happy to have Professional Football in our town, and the Orange Bowl back then really rocked.

I have written articles on this page before over the past 20 years where I have said that the best way to enjoy the season is by having low expectations, and then when they win unexpectedly or a player rises to the occasion and rocks the house, it’s beautiful.

This year indeed is a test to how low we can go. I honestly do not think I have hit the bottom yet, because I still watch and I still go. I will be there Sunday for the Chargers game, because that is what you do in South Florida on a September Sunday if you have any pigskin in your blood.

Actually, the Week 3 game against Dallas was not bad. Like the first two games, it was essentially a game of two halves. I like Rosen over Tannehill and he will only get better. The wide receivers are continuing to make plays. The defense had its moments, especially in the first half, but it is a game of 60 minutes. I commented to my friend during the game that it looked like the team did not adjust and just ran out of gas in the second half. That is a coaching issue and it can be worked out as the season progresses.

So I’m going to end this with a call to the front office. Your marketing team has a tremendous challenge this season. The loyal members that bought their season tickets are feeling a little let down right now. In the past months they could see the trades and releases, they could read the tweets of the players, and cringe at the predictions of the sports reporters and magazines. It’s tough to go into a steak house where you have prepaid for your T-Bone and then get served Meat Loaf instead. I do not think any of you would go back to that restaurant again. Please, someone at the front office needs to reward loyalty in some way. We will all trust the process, but you also need to respect our trust. We need to feel that respect. Thanks for reading!

See you Sunday! Go Dolphins!