Reason For Optimism Despite Loss To Redskins

Written by Gino Vitale

Sunday’s game between Washington and Miami had lots of appeal.   Both teams winless.  Redskins coming to our house.   Dolphins unable to produce any offense.  Could we expect anything different?  

Dolphins in the first quarter of the season - not one touchdown in the second half of any game.  But..  I saw some hope this past Sunday!  I saw a team that can produce. 

After the injury reports came out, I thought these players are stepping out to save themselves.  Many questionable injuries.  I was happy to see that more played than the injury report made it look.   

This game was finally a good defensive battle for the Dolphins.  Special teams got many reps.  However, what was most important - I saw our Dolphins bonding together. 

Whoever was on the field, you could see that they never gave up.  RB Mark Walton was a machine throughout the whole game.   Mike Gesicki finally making some “up the middle” catches.  The entire team was fired up and playing hard through the entire game.  Then Fitz came in and moved us back in the game.  The guys felt as if they won their fight.  It was actually fun to watch!

The two point conversion call in my opinion – nada.   I wish I was the one calling the play but I get why Coach Flo did it.  Our team needed that feeling of a win in that situation!   All these youngsters learned a lot about “team” on Sunday!

MY VIEW: Keep your Fins up, Finatics.  It will come! The future is a new culture of consistency, which breeds wins.   

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