Momentum Killers Beat The Dolphins. Not The Bills

Written by Gino Vitale

It is a fine line between winning and losing in the NFL.  And, momentum can change the whole outcome of a game in seconds.

We all saw in this happen in Buffalo.  From the Dolphins having a chance in the 4th trailing 21 – 24, an onside kick goes wrong, and it’s over like that.   Momentum killer.

How did we get there?   The defense without X and Jones held Buffalo in first half to 9 points on three field goals.  Momentum builder!  However, the second half was a different story.  The defensive secondary LEAKED points in the second half and allowed two Buffalo passing TD’s.   Momentum killer.   Add to that all of the missed tackles for big yardage: Momentum killer.

On the bright side, our Dolphins offense has produced a running game.  Mark Walton continues to impress us, as well as the coaching staff.  His performance against the Redskins got him the RB starting position.  He led the team vs. Buffalo with 14 attempts for 66 yards, and a long of 19.  Momentum builder!  Kenyan Drake, when on the field looked completely ineffective.  Momentum killer!  As long as the team is in a trading mood, I would not mind dealing for him.   In addition, he is a free agent at the end of the season, so…   #WhisperingMomentumBuilder!

Speaking of the running game, it came courtesy of another mix of offensive linemen.  Even with Kilgore out, the O-Line look as good as they have been all season.  They continue to adapt quickly, with different combos playing together on a week-to-week basis.   That is how it rolls in the big league; No Excuses; Next man up mentality!  NOT A TYPO: O-Line allowed only 1 sack vs. Buffalo!!!  Momentum builder!!

Nice to see Mike Gesicki getting involved more.  He had some beautiful catches.  Momentum builder!!!  But, the one that really counted was denied by a holding call.   Momentum killer.

Preston Wilson catch and fumble – momentum killer.

Fitz goal line interception – momentum killer.

I probably missed more momentum killers.  But, all these negative factors of momentum kill our chances.  

MY VIEW: Love the aggressive play calling by Coach Flo.  There is something brewing here in Miami.  It is progressing.  Coach is visibly teaching our young talent to play in this man’s league.   Now he has to get them to focus on the momentum builders, and killing the momentum killers.    

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