Dolphins 2020 Draft Picks - My Opinion On What We Should Do

Written by Gino Vitale - VITALE'S VIEW

Fins On The ClockWith 16 days to the NFL draft, I need to share my view on what the Dolphins should be doing with their first and second round draft picks. 

First and foremost: I say no QB in the first round!  

The Dolphins bring in Chan Gailey to run the offense.  The Dolphins bring in Josh Rosen last year, only to be outplayed by our burly veteran, Ryan Fitzpatrick.  But Rosen was learning so much as Fitz took the reins. Believe me - the front office saw something with Rosen.  He has great arm strength and can make all the throws.  Not to mention, he is super smart. 

Let's give Rosen a chance. He was with two different offenses in two years with two different teams.  Trust me - once Rosen settles in a system of consistency you will see the player that he *really* is!  Chan Gailey will see Rosen’s strengths as well as the strengths of the other studs on offense once they hit OTA’s.  It is gonna be FUN!  So, let's stick with Rosen at QB for the time being.  

Now my draft predictions….

At #5: I say you get the best offensive lineman.  Specifically, a left tackle.   I like the offensive line free agents that the Dolphins brought in.  I like Jessie Davis at right tackle.   Building a solid line will be key to our QB’s future.

At #18: Long term security like a “game changer” edge rusher or linebacker.   I am not the first person to say that defense wins championships!  Especially now - with all the young gunslingers in this league, you need a supreme defensive group to sustain their scoring arsenals.

At #26 I would go with the best safety on the board or another “game changer” wide out if one is still available.

2nd Round - now here’s where I would consider a QB if the one is there that has snuck under the radar.  As for the other picks in the second round?  How about another OL tackle if one is there.

Dolphins have so many pick s after rounds 1&2. Fill more talent at that point!   

Remember that the Dolphins are in good shape for the 2021 draft too!  You ready for this ride??  

MY VIEW: I have full confidence that the Dolphins know exactly what they want on this team.  I’m all in with Coach Flo and Grier.   Look what they did last season with over 100 different players passing through the 53 - man roster.   I trust Grier and our front office to make the right picks.  I think this is the magic combination that all of us FINATICS Have been hoping for years!

LISTEN UP!  Send me your thoughts because FANS TALK!  And.. PLEASE STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY!!!!