Dolphins Video Press Conference With Bobby McCain and Mike Gesicki

Written by Finatic Bob

McCainGesickiThanks to the Miami Dolphins for letting listen in to today's Video Press Conference with Bobby McCain and Mike Gesicki. Nearly 30 members of the press and fans were online for the event. Bobby McCain was first up on the call.

Recovering from shoulder surgery last November, McCain looked fit and ready to go. The questions asked to him were not really earth shaking, just general stuff as to how he was coping with quarantine, how he felt sitting out last season after the injury, how he is looking forward to getting back, and how he feels about the position shift from cornerback to safety.

When asked how he felt about the black leadership in the organization, Bobby commented that it didn’t matter if they were black or white, they are all people. He also commented about the rookies coming into camp and how they would adjust to the system and his reply was that “we are all pros” and he would expect everyone to act like one if they were going to make the team. Bobby concluded his part of the call by mentioning his part in the Food Share program earlier this week where many people waited for hours for the distribution, and many meals distributed to feed the local community for a week. He was very happy that he could help and participate.

Next up was Tight End, Mike Gesicki. Most question posed to Mike were standard stuff. He was ready to make the most of the new season, he was very confident regarding the talent in the Quarterback room this season. He dismissed a question posed to him as being the top ten tight ends this fantasy football season (“I don’t play it and really don’t care, opinions and perceptions can be ignored and can change from week to week”). He also made note that he had hoped that we will never see a time like this again regarding the pandemic, but he has used this time to focus on self and getting in shape.  He also mentioned that everyone will have a responsibility and accountability to be ready when the season starts.

Both players had the attitude to only focus on what is in the locker room and take the upcoming season day by day. They also mentioned that the Zoom meetings that they have been attending was very productive, and they are looking forward to getting together on the field with their teammates in two weeks. It seems that Coach Flores has the veterans in the same mind set, and it was refreshing to hear the confidence and positivity from both players. This is always an exciting time of the year when all teams are undefeated and looking ahead to that first game.