A Statement on the Bay

Written by Gino Vitale

Photo Courtesy of the Miami Dolphins Across to the west coast to face the NFC champion 49ers.   A game that all of the analyst had on the schedule as one that Miami loses.  Well, we know how that story ends. 

 A young Miami team travels to the west coast with a young coach and an unbelievable senior quarterback in Fitz.  They all knew from the start that the odds were against them.  So, they put in the extra work to comb through all of the 49ers flaws and exploited them from the start. 

Right from the start you could feel the energy!   Three defensive starts, and three stops by the Miami’s defense to start the game.  How long since that last happened?   Not only did we have the defensive stands, but we drive for three scores in three drives and didn’t stop the whole game.   And, the times that the offense couldn’t get it done, reliable Jason Sanders was there to pick up the slack. 

I am sure that you were all waiting for the disappointment to happen.  I guarantee that every one of you said at halftime, “this game is not over yet” thinking that the Fins would do what they normally do, and let up.   We’ll, they never let up the entire game!

This was total domination by this Brian Flores team.  I am a believer that Miami’s players love Flo and they are definitely catching on to his way.   The best was when Wilkins got the fumble recovery and ran off the field and gave the ball to coach Flo.  What does that say?  They believe!!!!

A lot of talented players are evolving with great coaching and all in are gelling together in this locker room.  

This team is growing into winners! Finatics - this is only going to get better in time.  So much to look forward to.   GO FINS!

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