It's Official: Gase Has Balls

Written by Finatic Dave

After the Bengals, and Titans, something needed to be done.  Something needed to shake up the locker room to say, "You don't perform, you are OUT".  Something ballsy was needed to send a message that enough is enough.  


On Tuesday, Gase released 3 of our offensive line - Dallas Thomas, Billy Turner, and Jamil Douglas. The Dolphins also released RB Isaiah Pead.  The Dolphins also announced that they have signed OL free agent Sam Young to fill part of the hole. 
This sends a strong message that very few players are on scholarship, and if you don't demonstrate effort in an appropriate manner, you may be gone. That should get folks' attention. 
With respect to the 3 lineman, they have all been interchangeably awful. None of them has produced. The really sad thing is that all were draft choices designed to produce a starting guard and quality depth. We went 0 for 3.  
What is more concerning is that our RT, Ja'wan James, seems to be regressing as well.  Recall Coach Gase sidelining 2014's first round draft pick for letting the Browns defense have a record defensive day against the Dolphins.  James gave up several sacks the past few weeks, and is responsible for at least 2 during the Titans game. 
The problem is (at least one of them) that we have spent the last 4 or 5 drafts making picks to solidify our offensive line. It looks like we whiffed on 4 picks. That leaves an injury prone Mike Pouncey and this year's first round pick, Laremy Tunsil.  The rookie is being asked to play out of position, as the only players left. Two out of six is horrible.  What were we doing?? Now we are faced with needing to re-build our o-line. Not good.  
Can't blame this on Gase.  Can't blame it on Chris Grier.  We commend Adam Gase for having balls and making drastic mid season changes that Philbin would have never made.  Maybe Dan Campbell?  Maybe.  
Bottom line is that we like what Coach Gase is doing.  We like that Gase made this ballsy move without having a fallback.  We're banking on the fact that Tunsil and Albert are back in action for this Sunday vs. Pittsburgh.  We are also banking that Pouncey stays healthy, and that no more injuries face the tattered Miami Dolphins offensive line. 
<Thanks to Finatic Rich for content and inspiration!!>