Goodbye Arian Foster...

Written by Finatic Dave
Goodbye Arian Foster...

By this time, I am sure that you all have heard the news that Arian Foster has announced his retirement from the NFL.  This was discussed with the Miami Dolphins front office before it happened on Monday night, while his former team, the Houston Texans played Monday Night Football. 

In short, Foster stated that he loves the game, but his body "can't take the punishment".  So he is walking away.  

But..  Will we miss Arian Foster?  

Remember week 1 when Arian Foster beat out Jay Ajayi for the starting RB spot of the Miami Dolphins roster.  Ajayi got so pissed off at the decision that he ended up raising a fit with the coaching staff, got benched, and did not make the trip to Seattle for opening day.   Dolphins lost that game.

Then, 1 week later, Foster was plaugued with a hamstring injury versus the Patriots.  Foster did not step on the field again until the Steelers game.  But, he only played a limited amount of time.  Since opening day, Jay Ajayi came to his senses, and accepted the 2nd RB role.   With Foster's injury, Ajayi was now the starter, and now his chance to shine.  We all know how that went for Ajayi!!! 

Foster also had limited action in the Buffalo game.  2 days later, he retires from the league.  

Foster went from the Miami Dolphins starter to retiree in about 50 days.   From number 1 fantasy pick to retiree in about 4 years.  

Some fan reactions for our Facebook page:

I liked the guy when he was in Houston wish we had him in his healthy years unfortunate the injuries finally caught up to him wish him the best in retirement !

 Injury prone! wash up! So worried about taking a knee forgot how to carry the pigskin! Missed a wide open 3rd down play yesterday! Ajayi took that job from him and he knew there was nothing he can do about it!

Shocker waste of money again

He was done a few years ago .

Now we can get Dion Jordan on the field

Now you can take a knee. Lol.

Foster ended his career on a low note with the Dolphins...  22 carries for 55 yards. 2.5 yards per carry; longest carry 9 yards.  

We wish Arian Foster the best at his next endevour...  But sorry, we will not miss him.