Dolphins Play London Again in 2017..WHY!?

Written by Finatic Dave

DolphinsLondon2017The Miami Dolphins will play in London once again in 2017.

This time, the Miami Dolphins will play host the the New Orleans Saints. This will mark the 4th time that the Miami Dolphins will play in London.  But, why are the Miami Dolphins playing in London so much???

The Dolphins have a long history of playing in London. The Dolphins were part of the first NFL regular season game in London. That was in 2008 when the Dolphins were defeated by the New York Giants. The Dolphins played again in 2014 where they challenged the Oakland Raiders. That game was won by the Dolphins. The last time the Dolphins played in London was in 2015 when they played host to, and lost to the New York Jets.  Only the Jacksonville Jaguars, with 5 games in London have played more there than the Dolphins.  

In 2017, the Dolphins will once again be the home team, and will challenge the New Orleans Saints.

Why are the Dolphins playing so much in London? There are 2 reasons. First, the NFL is focusing the London games on east coast teams. Past games in London, like the 2014 Dolphins versus Raiders in 2014 got lots of flak from the Raiders, complaining about the long trip, and the schedules of games prior to and following the London games. Second, and most likely the reason why the Dolphins are playing in London again in 2017: playing in London is a prerequisite for a team to host the Super Bowl. The Dolphins organization is already in line to host the 2020 Super Bowl. So, playing in London again is almost Ross' way of saying, "We want more!"

The Brits love the Dolphins, and there are more Dan Marino fans in London than Tom Brady fans. The Finatics have been to the past 2 Dolphins games in London. The atmosphere there is great. We'd love to say that the 2017 game is about returning to London, and making London the Dolphins second home. But no. This is all about the Dolphins wanting to host another Super Bowl beyond 2020.

Fortunately, unlike the 2015 game, this is not a division game. But, we the season ticket holders lose a home game.

Will you be making a trip to London in 2017? Let us know.