The Patriots Firewall

Written by Finatic Bob

It's Sunday afternoon and we are hours away from the Dolphins and Chargers at San Diego. Over the past 4 weeks, Miami has faced, and defeated, three better than average teams in the Steelers, Bills and Jets, and with two division wins under their belt, there is excitement at Hard Rock Stadium again. Jay Ajayi has emerged as the star running back for the Dolphins, the offensive line is playing well and staying healthy, and the defense is beginning to make plays when it counts. Coach Gase has the team on the West Coast early to adjust and practice there and to take on two rising teams in San Diego and Los Angeles over the next two weeks.

But the standings show a dark shadow on our Division in the New England Patriots. Tom Brady seems to be unstoppable in the past few weeks, and his team of receivers led by Edelman and Gronk are formidable. With a 7-1 record and only the Broncos at Denver on December 18th and the Dolphins in Miami on New Years Day in their way, Miami more than ever needs to keep winning and keep the heat on the Patriots. New England is living proof that you can win 17 games but still not win the Lombardi Trophy. Miami will need to be running on all cylinders to bring them down, and hopefully we can be healthy and at our peak as the playoffs approach.

But let's take care of business today and make a lot of West Coast fans unhappy over the next three games. This 2016 Dolphins team is fun to watch again as they begin to play real football. Let's keep the victory wave alive and get ready to welcome them home on Thanksgiving weekend.  Go Dolphins!

Addendum 11/15/16 - What a game by Miami against the Chargers! Kiko Freako Alonso with the pick 6! And the Patriots were defeated by Seattle on Sunday night! Any given Sunday baby!