Reason For Optimism Despite Loss To Redskins

Written by Gino Vitale - VITALE'S VIEW

Sunday’s game between Washington and Miami had lots of appeal.   Both teams winless.  Redskins coming to our house.   Dolphins unable to produce any offense.  Could we expect anything different?  

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Dolphins Host FOOTBALL UNITES Tailgate for Community Teens

Written by Finatic Dave

FootballUnites20190929How often do you get together with friends and talk about the Miami Dolphins, and football?  That’s what the Miami Dolphins are doing for South Florida teens with FOOTBALL UNITES. 

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2019 Season: Expected T-Bone, Got Meatloaf

Written by Finatic Bob

2019 Season Expected T Bone Got Meatloaf

Waking up on the third Sunday of the 2019 NFL season, my wife says to me “Are you going to watch some football today?”

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