Dolphins Play London Again in 2017..WHY!?

Written by Finatic Dave

DolphinsLondon2017The Miami Dolphins will play in London once again in 2017.

This time, the Miami Dolphins will play host the the New Orleans Saints. This will mark the 4th time that the Miami Dolphins will play in London.  But, why are the Miami Dolphins playing in London so much???

The Dolphins have a long history of playing in London. The Dolphins were part of the first NFL regular season game in London. That was in 2008 when the Dolphins were defeated by the New York Giants. The Dolphins played again in 2014 where they challenged the Oakland Raiders. That game was won by the Dolphins. The last time the Dolphins played in London was in 2015 when they played host to, and lost to the New York Jets.  Only the Jacksonville Jaguars, with 5 games in London have played more there than the Dolphins.  

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THESE GUYS are the Reason!

Written by Finatic Dave

IMG 0797Here we are, with 2 straight home wins under our belt.  This is why..  THESE GUYS!

THESE GUYS are the reason why Jay Ajayi has surpassed 200 yards rushing in the past 2 games.

THESE GUYS are the reason why Jay Ajayi is the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for 2 consecutive weeks.

THESE GUYS are the reason why Tannehill can throw the ball.

THESE GUYS are the reason why Tannehill has an extra 2 seconds to find a secondary target.

THESE GUYS are the reason for Damien Williams rushing TD against the Bills.

THESE GUYS are the reason why Tannehill has only been sacked once (and technically it was a sack, but it would only be a 1/4 sack if such a thing existed!)

When THESE GUYS are healthy, the Dolphins are legit contenders!  


We speak your names!

It's all about the line, we have said that since Day One.

Savor this bye week, Finatics.  Get ready for some Jet rompin' when we get back on the field on November 6....

Goodbye Arian Foster...

Written by Finatic Dave

By this time, I am sure that you all have heard the news that Arian Foster has announced his retirement from the NFL.  This was discussed with the Miami Dolphins front office before it happened on Monday night, while his former team, the Houston Texans played Monday Night Football. 

In short, Foster stated that he loves the game, but his body "can't take the punishment".  So he is walking away.  

But..  Will we miss Arian Foster?  

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Buffalo at Miami Game Facts

Written by Finatic Dave

It's THROWBACK WEEKEND and Hard Rock Stadium!  The Dolphins will play their third straight home game on Sunday, Oct. 23 at 1 p.m. when they host the Buffalo Bills. It will be Miami's first divisional home game of the 2016 season, as the Dolphins have won three of their past four games at Hard Rock Stadium, including an AFC East matchup with New England on Jan. 3, 2016.

Miami has won three of its past five home games against Buffalo, posting victories on Nov. 20, 2011, Dec. 23, 2012 and Nov. 13, 2014, and is 7-7 all-time against Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan, who was head coach of the N.Y. Jets (2009-14) before moving to Buffalo in 2015.

Despite having one of the most difficult opening months of an NFL schedule in more than a decade, the Dolphins will remain at home for the entire month of October. In fact, Miami doesn't play another road game until Nov. 13 at San Diego, a span of 44 days between road games. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, that is the longest length of time between road games by an NFL team in a single season since the NFL merger in 1970, excluding the 1982 season which was interrupted by a work stoppage.

Other Notes:

The Dolphins won the time of possession for the first time under Head Coach Adam Gase in last week's win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. With an up-tempo offense and an attacking-style of defense, Gase has preached the importance of keeping the offense on the field and it finally paid off in the Week 6 matchup against Pittsburgh as the Dolphins had the football for 36:30. It was the third-longest time of possession the Dolphins have had since 2012, and the largest disparity since Oct. 19, 2014 at Chicago.