When the Plan Comes Together

Written by Finatic Bob

Last week, Finatic Dave wrote about the Offensive Line shake up and Coach Adam Gase having the stones to release the non performing players to send a message to the team.

Wow! It looks like it was the right stuff.

I was on a business trip last week so I was unable to attend the game on Sunday. As I was driving home from Ft. Myers, I started to pick up the Dolphins' pre-game radio show halfway across the Alligator Alley. The familiar voice of Joe Rose was booming on my speaker. His talk about high priced players and underachieving effort resonated loud and clear in my ears, and although I knew he could not see me, I was nooding my head in agreement. It was all about the line, protecting Tannehill to make the long throws, and opening the lanes for Ajayi and Foster and Williams. I was happy to hear that all of the starters would be back. We were 7 point underdogs in our own stadium, and the Steelers fans were loud and many. It did not look good at first.

And then the game was played.

What a performance by the offensive line. What a performance by Jay Ajayi, and Tannehill actually had time to throw down the field, and was not sacked once.

On the defensive side, the Dolphins again maintained their reputation as quarterback destroyers as Ben Roethlisberger was relentlessly pursued and is now possibly out for the season. The secondary also stepped up with key interceptions to shut down any chance for a Steelers comeback.

So one game does not make a season, and consistency and healthy players look to be the key to our season. We have a big game at home against division rivals the Buffalo Bills this Sunday. Last week's moves by Gase were big, and it's great when a plan come together. Let's press forward and support our team at the Hard Rock this Sunday! 

Go Dolphins!

It's Official: Gase Has Balls

Written by Finatic Dave

After the Bengals, and Titans, something needed to be done.  Something needed to shake up the locker room to say, "You don't perform, you are OUT".  Something ballsy was needed to send a message that enough is enough.  


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Time to Move On from Tannehill?

Written by Finatic Rich

I have tried to be patient and objective with our QB.

But... Tannehill had the chance on Thursday night on national television to showcase his talent and feature our new and innovative head coach.

It was a disaster...

When do we ask ourselves whether it is time to cut our loss and stop the bleeding? He is beyond being merely inconsistent this season. He has actually regressed in his 5th year.

To make matters worse, we have no running game. Just 13 carries during the entire game on Thursday night. So obviously, we are dependent upon him to throw the ball.

He is not accurate, cannot go through his progressions consistently, throws interceptions, cannot manage the clock, has no pocket presence, takes sacks, is prone to fumbling in the pocket and has the offense going 3 and out way too often.

I am not piling on. This is all true.

What's our plan? Should we continue to hope that he is going to develop?

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Hard Rock Stadium Ready for Opening Day

Written by Finatic Bob

This Sunday, the Dolphins return home for a clash with the Cleveland Browns and hopefully victory #1. As most of you witnessed, Miami fought bravely in Seattle and New England, and those teams can be thankful that the games are not 5 quarters.  It's obvious that we are getting off to a slow start, but it was also apparent that we were able to fight back and be in both games in the 4th quarter. It's still a matter of growing pains and I think this team will get better as the season progresses. Hopefully we will have an answer to our rushing defense that let us down in last week's 4th quarter finish.

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket for Sunday, you will see a great game in a great new venue. The new roof seems to compact the crowd and focuses them on the field, and I expect the stadium to be louder than it's ever been. The food has been upgraded throughout the stadium. Try the fried pickles at Shula Burger, best I've ever tasted.  Also getting attention is Grown, a restaurant featuring organic food by former Miami Heat start Ray Allen and his wife. If you are into craft beers, there are 16 taps at two separate bars dedicated to only local brews, such as Doral’s MIA Beer Company, Wynwood’s J. Wakefield Brewing and Wynwood Brewing, and Fort Lauderdale’s 26 Degree Brewing.

After your stomach is filled, feed your mind with new art and murals that will be added to the stadium. Check out this link: Art Unexpected - "HARD ROCK STADIUM WILL FEATURE 19 MURALS AND 17 FINE ART PIECES, BY 18 ARTISTS, FROM 10 DIFFERENT COUNTRIES"

So all that's left is the game! I expect that the Dolphins will be ready and we will come away with our first win. Enjoy the tailgate and Go Dolphins!