Coach Gase Friday 9/16/2016 Press Conference

Written by Finatic Dave

(On whether DE Mario Williams is out of the concussion protocol) – “No, he’s not. He’s on whatever the next step is right now. Being able to get out there and do some stuff was the next step. We haven’t officially been told, ‘He has completed every step, as far as being able to play in this game.’ I’ll find out more once I get back in the building (following the press conference).”

(On RB Jay Ajayi) – “I think he has been really good. He has been really engaged in meetings. I know he has done a great job. I know (Assistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Darren) Rizzi brought it up to me that he has done a great job in special teams meetings. He has done a very good job at practice. We’re heading in the right direction in that area.”

(On whether RB Jay Ajayi will be available on Sunday) – “We haven’t made any final decisions yet, right now. We’ll have a better idea as far as exactly what we’re going to do Saturday night.”

(On having to address questions publicly about his coaching decisions as a first time head coach) – “I think it’s more times than not when (the media) ask me a question, I answer it for the most part. Some of the stuff that has come out as far as what happened with Jay (Ajayi), … When you go on the road, you have to declare guys out and say why they’re not there or why they didn’t make the trip. It is what it is. You’re not going to hide anything. I just don’t see the point of beating around the bush.”

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Jason Taylor - 2017 Hall of Fame Nominee!

Written by Finatic Dave

Former Miami Dolphins DE Jason Taylor earns the 2017 Pro Football HOF class nomination in his 1st year of eligibility! 

LB Donald Butler Added to Roster

Written by Finatic Dave

DonaldButlerDonald Butler was added to the 53 man roster on Monday.  The roster spot was opened when DT Earl Mitchell went on injured reserve from injuries sustained in the Seattle game.  


Back to Football: Thoughts on the 2016 Dolphins Season

Written by Finatic Bob

Coming this Sunday, September 11th, welcome to the new and improved Finatics website! We hope you like it!

This has been a crazy off-season. New head coach, new and improved stadium. I like the new Hard Rock name, but wouldn't it be great if someday we can call this the "Gase Place" ? The new stadium with the roof on top seems to compress the crowd, the upper deck doesn't look so far away, and although the preseason game attendance was pretty sparse, you could still detect a rise in the noise level that the crowd will generate. It's a great place to watch football again, and thanks to Mr. Ross and the Dolphins for the upgrade.

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