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  1. On this week's episode of PhinManiacs Live, it's time to have a nice, long discussion about Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry and the franchise tag; what does this mean for the team going forward, and what should they do given the implicati
  2. Lots of news on this Friday. Vontae Davis who is on the open market visited with the Miami Dolphins today. We tell you what may be going on here with Vontae and Miami. Also, we talk about the rumblings of Ndamukong Suh and his future in Miami. Could
  3. Once again we have another work week (for most of us) in the books. That mean's it's time for the Victory Of The Week post. This is of course where you come and tell us what your victory/accomplishment/etc. of the week is. It can be
  4. The NFL has announced the 32 compensatory draft picks for the 2018 NFL Draft. These picks are awarded and spread between rounds three and seven, giving teams an additional pick based on free agents lost and signed the previous offseason.
  5. The NFL announced compensatory picks for the 2018 NFL draft, and to no one’s surprise, the Miami Dolphins were not awarded any of them.Comp picks, as they are called, are awarded based on a team’s gains and losses in free agency du
  6. Former Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin has been taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department after making a post to his verified Instagram account, according to multiple reports. The post showed a shotgun and s
  7. This week on Phinsider Radio, we talk with former NFL Scout Greg Gabriel, who provides a wealth of information. We also talk Jarvis Landry, mock drafts, Mike Pouncey and more! [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PHINSIDER RADIO] This week on Phinside
  8. Once again the Miami Dolphins BullyGate scandal comes back to haunt the franchise; former Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin has been taken into custody after Harvard-Westlake High School in California (Martin's alma mater) was shut down due
  9. Former Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin has been detained for questioning in Los Angeles as a result of a threatening image posted on social media, according to reports.
  10. According to at least one report, former Miami Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin is in custody after an Instagram post threatened several including the Dolphins and his former high-school with potential violence. With days still ticking since the shoo
  11. Jonathan Martin has been mostly out of the public eye since leaving the Miami Dolphins after claiming during the 2014 season that he was the victim of bullying inside the team's locker room. But he...
  12.   Slow starts have hurt the Miami Dolphins and this needs to change sooner rather than later. One of the most bewildering consistencies over the past five seasons is regardless of coach or QB this team begins each game as if they are unprepared,
  13. A harrowing social media post that reportedly came from a former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman caused his alma mater high school in California to shut down on Friday. Nick Brown... Click to Continue »
  14. A high school in California was shut down after an Instagram account of former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin showed a disturbing picture with threatening commentary on Friday morning. Martin. was one of the major figures in the
  15. There are plenty of potential suitors for Miami's star wide receiver, but will any be willing to pay enough to acquire Jarvis Landry? Three days ago, it was reported that the Miami Dolphins would be franchise tagging their star wide rece
  16. In this edition of his notebook, Bucky Brooks explores the Patriots' QB succession plan, AJ McCarron's potential as a starter, the stunning Marcus Peters trade and much more.
  17. Hey Tannenbaum! Giving guarantees to over-the-hill non-performers is nuts Tannenbaum: [...] The post Tannenbaum: DON'T Restructure Contracts appeared first on PhinsNews.
  18. The Miami Dolphins are, according to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter, hosting a free agent meeting with their 2009 first-round draft pick. Cornerback Vontae Davis, who spent the 2009 through 2011 seasons with Miami before being traded
  19. Forget March 14. Free agency begins in earnest Tuesday in Indianapolis. Many of the moves that will be announced middle of next month will get hammered out at next week's... Click to Continue »
  20. Somebody call Grandma. Vontae Davis might be coming back to Miami. Six years after he was traded to the Colts, Davis, Miami's first-round pick in 2009, is at least considering... Click to Continue »