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  1. I am a member of several Dolphin fan groups on Facebook, and as we head into the 2018 season, few topics can stir up Dolphin nation like QB Ryan Tannehill.  These days it seems that there are only two types of fans - Tannehill lovers and Tanne
  2. The Miami Dolphins are not ranked very high in the 2019 Madden rankings. In fact, you need to look a lot closer to the bottom. EA Sports' Madden team rankings are out and the Miami Dolphins are sitting with an overall grade of just 74. While 74 is pr
  3. The Miami Dolphins have no unsigned 2018 draft picks as they wrapped up the final selection today. Mike Gesicki has his rookie contract. A short while ago the Miami Dolphins made it official. We have signed tight end Mike Gesicki. We have now signed
  4. All rookies are now under contract It's official. The Dolphins have signed all of their 2018 draft picks, after signing second-round draft pick Mike Gesicki earlier today. We have signed tight end Mike Gesicki. We have now signed all
  5. The last rookie is now under contract. The Miami Dolphins announced Monday that they have signed second-round pick tight Mike Gesicki. He was the last player from Miami's eight-player draft... Click to Continue »
  6. I am moving onto the defensive ends in my NFL Draft preview collection and man, there are a lot of big, athletic DEs that could hear their names called very early in the 2019 NFL Draft. Defensive Ends are always my favorite to scout mai
  7. The Dolphins just wrapped up offseason workouts and scattered for some R&R, but they're also primed to get down to business. They signed second-round pick Mike Gesicki, a tight end, Monday, meaning all eight of their...
  8. The Miami Dolphins signed the last member of the team's 2018 draft class, coming to terms with tight end Mike Gesicki on a four-year contract Gesicki, a former Penn State standout, was taken the second round of the 2018 NFL draft, and is expect
  9. MIAMI - The Miami Dolphins today announced they have signed tight end Mike Gesicki. The team has now signed all eight of its 2018 draft picks. Gesicki was picked 42nd overall in the second round....
  10. Johnathan Alston really wanted to play offense coming out of high school in Bunn, North Carolina, but it was a bigger dream to play in the NFL. That's why you won't hear any complaints from Alston...
  11. Does anyone challenge Tom Brady for the Patriots' top spot? Is Bruce Smith the best Bills player of all time? With the World Cup upon us, Jeremy Bergman lists the all-time XI for each AFC East team.
  12. As you may have heard, hot takes are kind of my thing. More accurately, bad hot takes. But as I sat down to work out the Dolphin's 53-man roster I found myself struggling to think outside of the box.The reason, this looks to be one of most obvious
  13. The Tight Ends Smythe and Gesicki might not explode out [...] The post Assessing Dolphins Tight Ends Post Minicamp appeared first on PhinsNews.
  14. Dan Marino surpasses Johnny Unitas' All-Time passing record, in this 1993 victory over the Buffalo Bills Welcome to Marino Mondays! Over the next few months, I'm going to be searching the internet looking for some of the GOAT's bes
  15. The Miami Dolphins have wrapped up their off-season workouts and they players have all split up to enjoy their summer. Next up, training camp. Miami has not announced their training camp dates just yet and a quick email to the team informed me that t
  16. PFF Analyst Mark Chichester highlights 2017's best offensive lines based on PFF's pass-blocking efficiency measurement.
  17. The Phinsider's annual 90-in-90 series is back today with another in-depth look at the players who are currently vying to make the Miami Dolphins' 53-man roster. This series of articles takes a look at each individual on the roster,
  18. With offseason workouts now over, with the players and coaches beginning a 5-week break before the start of training camp and with so many reasons to believe the prospects for this team are now poi...
  19.    Mediocrity was just one of the things that plagued the Miami Dolphins during the 2017 season. They had bright spots here and there, but they were anything but the energy-filled team we saw in 2016. It seemed Miami's players were demora