10 Best Dolphins Games Since the Turn of the Century

Written by Finatic Scott

GregCamarilloFor the first time in recent memory, the Dolphins are heading into this season with promise and excitement under the leadership of Adam Gase. With that being said, let’s take a look back at what are in my opinion the 10 best Dolphins games since the turn of the century:

10: October 31, 2013: Halloween Night vs Bengals (W 22-20 OT)

Thursday Night. At Home. On Halloween. The Dolphins would force 4 turnovers in this game as they beat Cincinnati 22-20 in OT due to a Cameron Wake sack of Andy Dalton in the endzone. The game also featured a Brent Grimes INT returned for a TD.

9. October 16, 2016: Victory vs Steelers (W 30-15)

Some would call this the Jay Ajayi coming out party. I call it the Adam Gase coming out party, with special guest Jay Ajayi. The Dolphins came into the game with a 1-4 record, so Steeler fans entered Hard Rock Stadium very confident. One Steeler fan in my section approached me before the game, shook my hand and apologized in advance for what his team was about to do to my Dolphins. The Steelers led 8–3 with less than 10 minutes played in the first quarter, but the Dolphins outscored the Steelers 27–7 the remainder of the game (outgaining the Steelers 474-297). Jay Ajayi sealed the win with a 62 yard TD on his way to a 204 yard game. The Dolphins improved to 2–4, and started a six-game winning streak. Dolphins fans watched the Steelers fans exit the stadium with their heads hiding behind those terrible towels.

8. December 15, 2013: Game Winning INT in Endzone vs Patriots (W 24-20)

It’s every NFL teams nightmare. You are up 4 points, with Tom Brady inside the redzone and only 7 seconds left in the game. This time though, the Dolphins came out on top with an unlikely hero, newly acquired free agent, Michael Thomas intercepting Brady with 2 seconds remaining. With the win, the Dolphins improved to 8–6 and climbed to the second Wild Card seat for the time being. I give most of the credit to the aqua endzones.

7. November 27, 2003: Thanksgiving Game vs Cowboys (W 40-21)

The first thing that actually comes to my mind when recalling this game were those awesome white on white throwback uniforms the team wore. This also happened to be the 10 year anniversary of the infamous Leon Lett game. Chris Chambers pulled down 3 TDs and Ricky Williams ran for over 100 yards. Jason Taylor also got in on the action returning a fumble 34 yards for a TD ensuring Dolphins fans across the nation could enjoy their Thanksgiving feasts with a W.

6. December 20, 2004: Monday Night vs Patriots (W 29-28)

In what was a very dark season for all Dolphins fans, there was one shiny moment. Our Dolphins, 2-11 at the time somehow found a way to upset the 12-1 defending Super Bowl champion Patriots on Monday Night Football. With 22 seconds remaining on 4th and 10 from the Patriots 21 yard line, A.J. Feeley threw a game-winning touchdown to something called Derrius Thompson.

5. September 21, 2008: WildCat Game vs Patriots (W 38-13)

Coming off a 1 win season in 2007, then starting the 2008 season 0-2, the Dolphins had to task of taking on the Patriots week 3. Even the biggest Dolphins fan couldn’t be confident going into this game. Then Ronnie Brown lined up at QB taking direct snaps and the rest is history. Brown ended up with 4 rushing TDs and even passed for a TD out of the new WildCat formation. The team would ride the wave of this game to the playoffs.

4. December 28, 2008: Playoff Clinching Game vs Jets (W 24-17)

Not many things are sweeter than beating the Jets. However, if you can beat them in the last game of the season to clinch an unexpected playoff berth, well yes, that would be the sweetest of all sweetness. The image of Phillip Merling intercepting a Brett Favre pass and stumbling his way into the endzone will forever be ingrained in my memory. Chad Pennington walking out the Jets Stadium a division champion was a fitting way to end the Jets season.

3. September 23, 2001: 9/11 Game vs Raiders (W 18-15)

Outside of this being a very memorable game due to the tragic events that led to it being postponed one week, it actually ended up being one hell of a football game as well. The images of the all the players holding American flags prior to the start of the game is just as memorable as Jay Fiedler laying across the goal line after his last second scramble to clinch the victory. Some say Fiedler took a hit and was concussed late in the 4th quarter, but chose to stay in the game, making his accomplishment of driving the team 80 yards with 1:41 on the clock and no timeouts even more impressive.

2. December 30, 2000: Wildcard Playoff Game vs Colts (W 23-17)

The only playoff win this century makes the list at #2. Jay Fiedler didn’t start off to hot, throwing three interceptions in the first half of the game as the Dolphins went into halftime trailing 14-0. The team would rely heavily on Lamar Smith in the 2nd half as they came back to tie the game with under 1 minute remaining in regulation. The Colts would miss a 49 yard FG with the 1st possession of OT, opening the door for the iconic 17 yard TD run by Lamar Smith to win the game. Smith rushed for 209 yards on 40 attempts (an NFL postseason record).

1. December 16, 2007: Greg Camarillo Game vs Ravens (W 22-16 OT)

Yes. This is not only the most meaningful victory for the team this century, I find it to be one of the most improbable and memorable as well. Fast forward to late in the 4th quarter with the Dolphins leading 16-13. The Ravens face a 4th & 1 on the Dolphins 1 yard line with 12 seconds remaining. Brian Billick decides to kick a FG instead of going for the easy win against a horrific run D. In overtime, the Dolphins nearly lost again as Matt Stover missed a potential game winning 44 yard FG. What happened next was magical. Cleo Lemon, Greg Camarillo, 64 yards, to the house. By this time, only the truest of Dolphin fans remained in the stadium. Me & probably 30,000 of my closest friends cheered like we had won the Super Bowl. I don’t recall leaving a Dolphins game happier then I left that game. This victory saved the Dolphins and their fans from the “un-perfect” season gave them a reason to be happy for 1 Sunday during a tragic season.

Honorable Mention:

September 22, 2013: Home Opener vs Falcons (W 27-23)
November 2, 2014: Blowout/Shutout vs Chargers (W 37-0)
November 14, 2016: Last minute W over Chargers (W 31-24)
December 24, 2016: Thrilling OT victory vs Buffalo (W 34-31 OT)

Is there a game since 2000 that we have missed? Let me know your thoughts!

Dolphins Look Good Despite Loss to Baltimore

Written by Gino Vitale

BurkeGaseRizziFin fans...  I see promise in our team even with our loss to the Ravens this past Thursday night in preseason.   

Our number one offense showed definite big hitting play abilities.  But, with all the penalties it was taken away.  As I watch the local broadcast, Dick Stockton said it best; it was the "most impressive spectacular drive that went nowhere".   Part of it was probably due to not having our total starting line.   

I love Cutler’s veteran movement in the pocket, and how he rips it to DeVante and Jay “Train” Ajayi.  WHO-AH!!   Can't wait to see Pouncey directing for Cutler.   

I have full confidence in Matt “The Beard of Knowledge” Burke.   He is on it.  His defense was excitingly flying to the ball.   Things on defense are gonna happen!  Did you see Burke, Gase and Rizzi standing side by side communicating and sharing on the sidelines?  Our coaching staff is in total control.  I've never seen that level of comradery and collaboration.  And, it’s only preseason!  Like I said in an article earlier this week - Don't panic..  we got this!

Oh, and as for the special team’s mishaps…  I know if Coach Rizzi did not have so many mix and match of lower talent on the field, those special team blunders would not have happened.  Rizzi is too intense for that kind of play.  Side note: John Denney will make the 2017 team, and go to The Hall of Fame!  Are there any long snappers in the hall? I have to Google it!  

LISTEN UP! Send me your thoughts because FANS TALK!!!!!

Happy 30th Birthday Joe "Hard Rock" Robbie Stadium

Written by Finatic Bob

JRSQuick! How many names has the stadium used in its 30 year history?

If you said 10, you are officially correct, although Dolphin Stadium was used twice:



Joe Robbie Stadium     August 16, 1987 to August 25, 1996
Pro Player Park     August 26, 1996 to September 9, 1996
Pro Player Stadium     September 10, 1996 to January 9, 2005
Dolphins Stadium     January 10, 2005 to April 7, 2006
Dolphin Stadium     April 8, 2006 to May 7, 2009
Land Shark Stadium     May 8, 2009 to January 5, 2010
Dolphin Stadium     January 6, 2010 to January 19, 2010
Sun Life Stadium     January 20, 2010 to January 31, 2016
New Miami Stadium     February 1, 2016 to August 16, 2016
Hard Rock Stadium     August 17, 2016 to present

Who remembers "New Miami Stadium" ? Not me, for it was only that in the off season.

I take you back to August 16th, 1987. The first Dolphins game ever at Joe Robbie. It was preseason and we lost to the Bears 10 - 3 in a very boring contest, but the game will forever be in my memory as my wife, who was 8 1/2 months pregnant, did not want to miss the game. It was so surreal that CBS actually interviewd us on the nightly news. Here we are on a hot August night waiting to see our team. I have a video somewhere that documents it. The three of us.

11 days later our one and only son was born, and he still bleeds aqua and orange.

So Happy Birthday to the stadium.

Personally along the way it has been a sad journey at times. In 1989, losing to the Chiefs the last game of the season in 40 degree weather, knocking us out of the playoffs. Jim Kelly and the Bills broke our hearts big time in 1993 when we lost a Championship playoff game in our own backyard 29-10. Since then we have never been that close.

One thing I remembered as a recurring issue was noise. As loud as we yelled at the new stadium, it just wasn't as loud as the old Orange Bowl, but the stadium we knew 30 years ago is LONG gone. The new stadium IS loud, thanks to the new roof and strategic angles of the speakers.

We saw Shula and Marino retire. We saw Larry Little, Richmond Webb, Nat Moore, Duper and Clayton, added to the Ring of Honor.
2002 was the year of Ricky Williams. 2003, the Orange jerseys made their debut in a 24-23 win over the Redskins. 2005 introduced us to the Gallery of Legends. 2007 was the year of Jason Taylor, playing in 129 consecutive games. 2010 saw the new Don Shula statue.

These are images that roll through my mind. It is by no means comprehensive (you can grab a Media Guide for that) and you may also have other memories that are bigger than this.

But Happy Birthday Joe "Hard Rock" Robbie Stadium, you are a part of our lives and memories, and here's to the next 30! Go Dolphins!