2023 Schedule is Up!

Written by Finatic Bob

Here we go Finatics! The 2023 schedule was released tonight!

Initial thoughts:

  • One home game in September, but 4 of 5 last games are at home. Finale against the Bills at Hard Rock.
  • Bye week 10, not a bad place for a rest.
  • Home games are all against teams we can beat!
  • Tough away games at Philadelphia and the Chiefs within 3 week span.

It's nice to finally get the schedule out, lots of Finatics already chatting about the MetLife takover in New York during Thanksgiving Week. Flights are actually cheaper on that weekend for anyone wnating to travel up there.

Some already making plans for a European Vacation in Frankfurt.

Let the Games Begin! Finatics, your thoughts? Post your comments on our Facebook page! Go Dolphins! Fins Up!






Buffalo Hunt at the Hard Rock - Week 3 Preview

Written by Finatic Bob

First let’s get the obvious out of the way; this a BIG Game, one that will alter the directions of both teams this season. About a week ago, prior to the Dolphins-Ravens game, Steve “Mooch” Mariucci stole my bold prediction by claiming that the Bills were destined for an undefeated season. Looking at the Bills’ schedule, it’s only the Dolphins and the Chiefs that stand in their way. Our home game here in September in the 90 degree plus field heat is our best chance to beat them and preserve our legacy. It has got to happen on Sunday.

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The Mystery of Ross and Flores

Written by Finatic Bob

Mystery of Ross and Flores

Well, my original article this week was going to be titled "Looking Back on 2021", but then Stephen Ross and the Miami Dolphins dropped a bombshell on Black Monday, the day after the regular season ended.

Brian Flores is out.

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A Finatics Lament - Week 6, 2021

Written by Finatic George

In August 1987, two very important things happened. It was the month I was born, but also the month that Joe Robbie Stadium was opened. This was the place that the Miami Dolphins would call home for next chapter in the team's history. The place where we as fans have watched legends grace these grounds, giving their bodies as testimony to their drive and determination to bring us victory.

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