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  1. Like the Wyatt Family used to say; we're here. We're at NFL draft pontificating time. I'm not a mock draft guy so if you're looking for me to give you a round-for-round list of who I think the Miami Dolphins are going to be drafting(and I b
  2. The Miami Dolphins have not enshrined anyone new in their Ring of Honor since before COVID and Ricky Williams is noticeably absent but would that change if the NFL changed? The NBA announced that it will be suspending marijuana testing as p
  3. He spent part of the 2021 season with Miami.
  4. The Miami Dolphins made a big splash in free agency and some pretty decent-sized ripples as well but did they do enough to win it all in 2023? Free agency is far from over but the flurry of the start is in the rearview mirror. Teams are foc
  5. Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images “Miami is winning the East. Book it.” Speaking on ESPN's morning show, Get Up, this week, former NFL safety and current ESPN analyst, Louis Riddick, predicted the Miami
  6. The Miami Dolphins made a potential franchise-altering trade last year when they traded for Tyreek Hill. Pairing Hill with the likes of wide receiver Jaylen Waddle who had himself a very promising rookie season at the time, seemed like a ma
  7. Just because the Miami Dolphins resigned their entire backfield from last year doesn't mean they'll pass up a future feature running back in April's Draft. Miami owns the 51st pick in the upcoming draft (their earliest selection after being
  8. The QB is taking preventative measures after suffering multiple concussions last season.
  9. Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports Welcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours. The Miami Dolp
  10. The 2023 Free Agency portion simmering down brings the excitement of the upcoming NFL Draft. The NFL Draft is right around the corner; it begins April 27th at 8 PM Eastern Time. This is the event where College Football players have their ch
  11. Photo by Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images We have once again made it through another work week (for most of us) and now it's time to kick back and celebrate the arrival of the weekend. This thr
  12. Noah Igbinoghene can almost 100% be written off as a first-round bust but he gets one more shot and Miami Dolphins DC Vic Fangio is his final hope. Miami Dolphins fans know that the Dolphins should have drafted anyone other than Igbinoghene
  13. Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images The Miami Dolphins could use an additional tight end on the roster. Who is still available in free agency? The Miami Dolphins have had a strong 2023 offseason, adding key
  14. Sometimes, you recognize the face but can't remember the name, at other times, you can't get either one of the right. Travis Kelce at least recognizes Miami Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel. Travis Kelce and his brother Jason were on their podcast
  15. The Miami Dolphins apparently are open to trading wide receiver Cedrick Wilson but I wouldn't get too excited over the prospect of it actually happening. Barry Jackson mentioned that the Dolphins are "open" to trading Wilson but that is a v
  16. Louis Ragone joins Michael Fink to discuss the happenings in the AFCE. We then look at Miami's Offense and give our Position-by-Position thoughts. Call (800) 327-5050 or visit (MA), Gambling Problem? Call 877- 8-HOPEN
  17. Dolphins fans should know a bit about him.
  18. I'm just saying this weekend would be a perfect weekend for the Miami Dolphins to sign Christian Wilkins to a long-term contract making him a Dolphin for many years to come. Next week or weekend would also be good times for Christian Wilkin
  19. He didn't work out at his team's pro day.