Booing? We Want Moore? Embarrassed as a Miami Dolphins Fan

Written by Finatic Dave

miamicrowdAs a die hard Miami Dolphins fan, I’ve got to say that I was embarrassed by the boo’s and “We Want Moore” chants coming from the crowd at Sunday’s home opener versus the Titans.  I agree that our offense was pathetic.  Nothing can get started.  It was a repeat of the past 2 games.  Cutler was throwing balls away. But, was it all Cutler’s fault? NO!!! 

In all my years as a season ticket holder, I have NEVER booed this team.  If you consider yourself a true FINATIC, you should not be boo’ing either. 

When you watch the game at the stadium, it is completely different than watching it on TV.  At the stadium, you see that Cutler cannot pass the ball.  You see him dumping the ball.  You see nothing.   But, when you watch the game on TV, you see other things happening.  The analysts see other things happening and laugh at the booing, and "We Want Moore".  That kills our credibility.  Let’s get started on what you don't see at the stadium….

Our offensive line was not holding the pass rush long enough!!  For most of the passing plays, Cutler had less than 2 seconds to throw the ball.  Not even the best hall of fame QB’s can throw the ball that fast!  Cutler had no choice but to dump the ball.  We all love Tannehill.  But if that were him, he would have been taking sacks.  Moore would definitely not have done much better.  At least Cutler dumped the ball, or scrambled. 

Then, when Cutler had a chance to throw the ball, EVERYONE WAS DROPPING IT!!!  I do not have the stat, but I am pretty sure that there were more dropped balls on Sunday then there were receptions.  And, it wasn’t like Cutler was missing the targets.  He was throwing catchable balls.

Yes, there were several times that alternate receivers were open, and Cutler could have easily gone to them.  I am sure that our coaching staff will point that out to Cutler.    

If you ever said “In Gase We Trust”, and you booed or joined in the “We want Moore” chant at Sunday’s game, then you’ve got the wrong message.  You must trust this coaching staff!!!!  I did not have to hear from Coach Gase after the game that there is zero percent chance that Moore would step in.  I knew it.  We did not spend $10MM on Cutler to mess up.  He is a good QB given the right tools.

Perhaps the resignation of Chris Foerster was a good thing.  We needed a shakeup.  Our offensive line has been struggling on and off for years now.  If what happened didn’t happen with Foerster, maybe firing him would have been the right thing to do.  The wrong thing to do would be to bench Cutler for Moore.  That is just stupid. 

So Finatics.  Let our coaching staff coach this team.   Trust the system.  They got this!