A Finatics Lament - Week 6, 2021

In August 1987, two very important things happened. It was the month I was born, but also the month that Joe Robbie Stadium was opened. This was the place that the Miami Dolphins would call home for next chapter in the team's history. The place where we as fans have watched legends grace these grounds, giving their bodies as testimony to their drive and determination to bring us victory.


At least that's what it felt like as a boy watching Dan Marino drill passes to Mark Duper, while Keith Sims held the line. It was hard when Coach Shula retired. There is always a recovery needed after someone so iconic leaves the game. Unfortunately, Jimmy Johnson came in and gave us hope but couldn't recreate the magic he had previously conjured with the Cowboys. As a teen, I watched Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor read defenses like an old book and when the offense was in doubt we would just "give it to Ricky" and watch Williams annihilate a d-line.

Fast forward to 2021, I've been living in Bucs country for the past 8 1/2 years, raising 4 little Finatics. Miami and Tampa have always been cool teams to each other. We are in different divisions and don't really have any beef, but I'd be lying if I said the last 2 years hasn't been tough up here. I am so happy for Tampa's success, but I am jealous that we can't even hold our own.

The game played this past Sunday in London broke my heart. We have seen this story before. We score early, get on top. Then watch the slow demise to a last second defeat. We have an amazing young quarterback that can throw the ball if only he'd been given the time to throw it. We watched our Dolphins struggle just to stay above water. It shouldn't be like this. A team with this much talent shouldn't help Jacksonville end their 20-game losing streak. Last time the Jaguars cut me this deep was Marino's last game.

The Fins need to get their head back in it. This season isn't too far gone to turn it around and make something of it, but drastic changes need to happen. What changes? That's above my pay grade but for the love of all things aqua and orange please give the QB time to move the ball. In the air or on the ground, regardless we need to maintain control.

Finatic for life,

Finatic George