Don't Panic Finatics. I Trust Our Leadership

Written by Gino Vitale

Photo Courtesy of SI.comThis year, it is evident that the team has grown in depth due to the combination of Chris Grier, Coach Gase and big Mike Tannenbaum.

Attending Training Camp, and the first preseason game, it is so apparent that the new draft picks, and sophomores look to be real talents.

This team radiates a culture of their head coach, Coach Gase. They love him and love being coached by him. They are becoming true believers together. This, even with key injuries to Ryan, Tony, Ted and Raekwon. Unfortunately, this is the NFL.

Coach Gase was quoted the day after Ryan went down that it was the best practice of training camp to that point. He did not want anyone to hold back. He did not want to see any dialing back of intensity despite their setback with Ryan. He wanted everyone to go out there and “give it their all”! That is exactly what the team did. There were no drops in intensity. That meant a lot.

Every year we get disappointed with injuries. However, I feel that with the leadership of this team it is different. Our leadership is respected; it is rising up and they all believe in the team and the next man up. So despite all of our injuries, I trust our leadership is doing the right things. So, do not panic, Finatics. They got this. GO FINS!

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