The Cutler Experiment is Over

Written by Gino Vitale

CutlerOverEnough is enough with the Cutler experiment. We have been agonized this season with our offense led by Jay Cutler.  Week after week there are apologies, “we need to get better at” speeches, and “we will improve next week” pleas.  It ain’t happening. 

Our offense is pathetic and it is not going to get better with Jay Cutler at quarterback.  I am a Adam Gase supporter, but we have had enough.  It is not working, coach.  Coach Gase, you had paid Cutler all this money to play in Miami.  You have to prove that Cutler’s will work.  But, come on.  It is time to move on. 

It is obvious that Cutler just can't get it done.  Cutler vs. Tampa Bay: played a full 30 minutes of football.  83 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT, 60.8 QB rating.   

Enter Matt Moore.  Every time he steps on the field, he sparks the offense.  We know that he had a bad game in Baltimore, but it’s time for him to take the starting position at QB.  We know that he could do it.  He won games for us when Tannehill went down at the end of the 2016 season.  Moore vs. Tampa Bay: played a full 30 minutes of football.  282 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 106.5 QB rating.

It's time to rethink everything on offense at this point of the season.  Let’s come up with some plan to let Cutler go gracefully. Like, maybe put him on IR by playing up his concussion sustained from the Tampa Bay Game.  Let Moore run the offense.  Bring Doughty up from practice squad.  Give the kid reps. 

We know Gase, Grier and Tannenbaum are going to go big in the draft on offense.   Let’s see if we have a diamond in the rough at QB behind Tannehill, or go to the draft to back up Moore.  Now is the time to see.

There's needs to be big time restructure with a lot of players contracts during the off season.  Gase wants his kind of players, and will clean house and replace until he sees results.  But for now, let’s end the experiment and admit that it did not work.   

Hang in there, Finatics.  

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