Our Defense Will Need To Beat Jacksonville

Written by Gino Vitale

DfenseWe are all so naive believing that we had an invincible team.  And 0-2 start was to be expected.  But can a turnaround be coming?  Sure, but it needs to be attributed to our defense.

The difference this year is that our offense is OK.  If our defense could have only held up when we needed to make stops, we would be 2 - 0 right now.  

Our team is amongst the youngest in the NFL.  We have lots of new players too.  I am going to blame the slow start on our defense to the lack of preseason, and joint workouts with other teams.  Our defense simply did not have enough offseason work on the field to learn.  Having this defensive team thrown into the fire of regular season football is scary, and the results so far: 0-2 start.

We have a new, fortified offensive line that is preventing the big leaks, and allow Fitz to be productive.  Now is the time to get our defense solidified. 

My Thoughts: We have a lot of great, young talent on the defense.  They are certainly capable of doing better; like improving on the pass rush so that our opposing QB does not have all day to throw the ball.  We could have an all pro secondary, but if a QB has all day to throw the ball, they will eventually make something happen. 

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