Football is Fun again in Florida

Written by Finatic Bob

It started at the Pittsburgh game, carried through with the Bills and Jets, and reached the crescendo at the Chargers game.

It's great to watch football again in South Florida!

The kind of football where it's all about the game now, and less about the tailgate. Over the past 5 years, how many times did I walk out of the stadium at the end of the game saying "At least the tailgate and the friends were great"?  Things are different now, and I have to believe that Coach Gase and his staff have a big part in it, but I also think that this group of guys is finally tired of losing, are down to business, and know what their true potential can be.

How about that long pass from Tannehill to Stills? How about the running of Jay Ajayi? How about DeVante Parker, who is beginning to look like a young Andre Johnson? How about Jarvis Landry, who seems to be making plays by not making plays, if you know what I mean. He is getting a lot of attention from opposing defenses, and although he is not running up big stats, he is allowing the other players on his team to shine (for example, Damien Williams last week).

How about Brandon Albert, who dislocated his wrist in the 1st quarter, but snapped that sucker back in place and went out to play in the second half? That is TOUGH!

How about the defensive line, who pretty much shut down Melvin Gordon, and indirectly pressured Phillip Rivers into throwing a record 4 interceptions? And finally, how about the secondary, who all came through when it mattered most to stop the Chargers from scoring. Kiko Freaking Alonso, was that something to watch? How about Lippett with 2 interceptions, but one key in the end zone after the fumbled punt by Grant.

OK, it wasn't perfect. We know that there are a lot of penalties that need correction, and the defense has got to stop the big play. Kim Bokamper was furious at the end of the game, and seemed to think that the referees were not fair in the penalty calls, but I thought they were all in reason, although the Chargers seemed to get away with a little more. Home crowd, biased refs, it did not matter for we came away with another victory, and man was it FUN to watch.

Mr. Ross, this is why we buy tickets!

So it's on to Los Angeles and the debut of rookie QB Jared Goff. Dolphins defense, let's give him a warm aqua and orange welcome, several times in fact. You know what to do. It should be fun to watch. Stay healthy team, and Go Dolphins!