Random Thoughts on Sunday's Miami-San Francisco Game

Written by Finatic Bob

Thank you to Scott Stone and the Miami Dolphins again for the special access and hospitality over the weekend. It would have been nice to get a visit from Dan Marino on the 13th Anniversary, but you can't always get waht you want.

Six in a row baby! Miami now controls their destiny into the playoffs, and faces a tough game against a Division leader in the Baltimore Ravens heading into next Sunday.

Colin Kaepernick, receiving the loudest boos ever at Hard Rock Stadium, played well and gave the Miami defense fits and ran up 475 total yards against them. But the Castro fan was stopped on the last play of the game at the Miami 3 yard line, assisted by Kiko Alonzo, a Cuban-American. It was a game of desperation for the 49ers, who have now lost 10 straight games and is fighting with Cleveland for next year's top draft pick. Still, a better team than their record would indicate.

Jarvis Landry continues to be the decoy of the season for Kenny Stills and Devonte Parker. Parker is beginning to emerge as the player we knew he could be.

Kiko Alonso is the new playmaker for the Miami defense, forcing two key turnovers in yesterday's contest. Zach Thomas was all smiles on the sidelines.

The Finatics love Kim Bokamper. His insight as he addressed the Web Weekend crowd on Saturday night was riveting. He boldly compared Coach Adam Gase to Don Shula, but backed it up with undeniable parallels. Coach Shula became a head coach at 33, Gase at 38 is also the youngest head coach in the NFL today. When Shula drafted Czonka, Kiick, and Mercury Morris, his offense was run-oriented. In fact, Bo brought up that during the playoff run in 1972 there were only 17 passes thrown by Bob Griese. When the lineup changed and Shula had Dave Woodley to work with, his play calling switched to shorter passes and gadget plays to get down the field. When Marino, Duper and Clayton came on the scene in 1984, the Dolphins' fight song changed to "We're in the air, we're in the air, we're always in the air" but we were always winning as well. Coach Gase started the season with more passing, as that was his preference, but after a 1-4 start and the line became healthy again, he switched to a healthy record-setting dose of Jay Ajayi. We can see now that the line has to be healthy for the Dolphins to have any shot to reach the playoffs and go deep into them. But savor the comparison, Gase himself would probably be angry at the reference, as expected.

Where do we get that STRAIN shirt?

Final thought: when your home team has the ball, DO NOT TRY TO START THE WAVE! That was stupid.

Have a great week Finatics and GO DOLPHINS!